Comic strip Colors

Well here it is some flat colors for the comic strip that I did posted before.

É davvero un piacere avere così tanti visitatori da Italia ed Europa

Sono abbastanza sorpreso.



Et si vous êtes du Canada ou en Europe et parle fancês bienvenue.

This is a joke about blondes. I don´t know if the joke applies to other countries,
but, here in Brazil people use to say that blondie women are kind of dumb.
I never get it , why they are the dumb ones if they all marry rich man.
Hellooooo. They are the smart ones.

Anyway. The fat guy in the strip is kind of a Bob Hope here in Brazil a very famous comediant.
He asks the cientist if the science can do a smart blondie woman.
The scientist say: No, miracles only with him upstairs.

(But I tell you here. There is a scientific way to do a smart blonde woman.
You take a brunette and dye her hair.)

Ouch. Not a good one LOL

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