Ruby and the warriors of Dion

Ruby and the warriors of Dion a smashing sucess
following the new trend of making and selling comics.
Hi. And we are back to tell you how was our campaign on kickstarter. Well its was very nice. In 19 hours we achived our goal and the book was backed. We made a lot of friends during this time and it looks like they are going to be long time friends.
  We are very proud of our book. And we are so excited that we are already working on Ruby and the warriors of Dion #2. And we also have another 2 book in the line. On the 27 we will have Infinite Punishment, in October we will have Banging Bunz by Luis Torres and Marcelo Mueller.

So we have a schedule and in August Ruby
 and the warriors of Dion will be back.

 There is a lot of work a lot of graphic to do as I am the one responsable to do the logos and all graphic design concept for the book.

 We will have books just the way that we and the readers  like. The kind of book that you can have fun reading.

Also here you can see that we already have the cover for
issue #2 . This is just one of the covers. Because the backers proved that the alternate covers it´s somenthing that they love and are  always  looking for . We will have it for you.

 Also a great thing during this campaign is that we had our posts retwitted by Gail Simone, Jimmy Palmiotti and Ron Marz. This is so cool.

Ruby and the warriors of Dion coming again for you in August.

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