Silvio Spotti's Sword Of Justice Volume #2 (issue 3) (Kickstarter)

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It feels like just yesterday that the Sword of Justice, our first mini-series, launched with a resounding "Bang!" Now, after years of hard work, we are on the verge of completing the second mini-series (Kickstarter coming soon!).Click Here and get a warning when we go LIVE: CLICK HERE

Sword Of Justice, brought to you by Top Secret Press. Created by the talented Silvio Spotti and beautifully colored by Veronica Lopez, this captivating three-issue story arc chronicles the thrilling adventures of Brenna, Tanet, and Muriel as they valiantly battle the relentless hordes of enemies on a futuristic Earth. Thanks to the incredible support from backers like you, all six installments were successfully funded on Kickstarter. Once again, we embark on a campaign to bring you the remaining pages, fully penciled, inked, and lettered. We will need to fund issue #3 and do the colors.

Issue #2 of volume #2 is coming from the print shop and soon will be at your door step as always Top Secret Press do.

Writer/Artist: Silvio Spotti.

Colorist: Veronica Lopez.

Publisher: top Secret Press.


Silvio Spotti's Sword Of Justice Volume #2 (issue 2 and 3)

 "The Sword of Justice" Comic Book by Silvio Spotti

1. Title: The Sword of Justice

2. Creator: Silvio Spotti

3. Artist: Silvio Spotti

4. Colorist: Veronica R. Lopez  

5. Publisher: Top Secret Press

6. Genre: Action, Fantasy

7. Overview:

"The Sword of Justice" is an exhilarating comic book series written and illustrated by the talented artist, Silvio Spotti, with captivating colors by Veronica R. Lopez. Published by Top Secret Press, this thrilling series transports readers to a world where one young heroine battles against the tyranny of her scientist father, who controls a lunar colony known as New Atlantis. Guided by her companions, the mage Muriel and the warrior Tanet, our protagonist Brenna embarks on a dangerous quest to overthrow her father's oppressive regime and bring justice to her people.

We are preparing the campaign for issue #3 and issue #2 is printing right now and soon will be at your door step.

 We are live and we have only 9 days to fund Sword Of Justice issue #3. We have ALL the issues for you on this campaign and also Issue 3 wit...