Silvio Spotti's Sword Of Justice Volume #2 (issue 1) The comic book that is shaking the indie industry ;)

We're almost done with the colors in the issue of Sword Of Justice Volume #2 (Issue#1). Veronica R. Lopes is working hard and here we see that the colors are getting really good. I tend to be too strict with the colors in the magazine, as I believe that colors are a very important part of the process. Veronica R. Lopes is very much in tune with my work, which makes the whole process very accelerated because there are no corrections to be made.

 In this second mini series we will find new and important characters that will be part of this universe. I know that at some point I will have to tell the origin of Brenna and Nova Atlantis. The temptation to tell the story of how human civilization was destroyed and came to exist in a dystopian world is too great. And I must confess that I have this story and hope to be able to tell it soon. The Story of Brenna, Tanet and Muriel is a slice of a much bigger cake that I hope can be enjoyed by everyone soon.

We are also working on the second edition covers . I want to improve that. We had issues with the cover colors. With the departure of Ivan Nunes, our eventual collaborator in the cover colors. But it was for a good cause after all Ivan Nunes, is now coloring Spawn Gunslinger. This just indicates that we have high-level professionals working with us and this makes us very happy. The simple idea that Todd Mcfarlane is working with the same professionals that we are is a very excellent sign.

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