O Justiceiro do Silvio Spotti

Veja só o Justiceiro. 23 anos depois descubro que você afinal foi publicado na seção dos leitores da editora Abril. Não fosse uma pessoa me passar a foto eu até hoje não saberia. Por volta de 1996 desenhar para Marvel e DC era algo muito distante da realidade. O negócio era ser publicado na seção de leitores da Heróis da TV, ou na revista do Homem Aranha, Republicados pela editora Abril. Eu coloquei o desenho no correio e me esqueci afinal ele não seria  publicado mesmo. Só fiquei sabendo que eu estava errado HOJE, 23 anos depois, por que um colega me enviou  esta foto no Instagram. Eu não sei em que edição ele se encontra pois não me enviaram a capa. Apenas acredito que estou em uma edição juntamente com uma republicação dos Novos Mutantes do Bill  Sienkiewicz. Caramba que máximo. Acredite a sensação é a mesma de se eu tivesse visto isto naquela época e é também a mesma de quando me ligam dizendo tem um trabalho da DC aqui prá você.


Inking Ruby and the warriors of Dion #3

This week there was a sales list at the internet. I guess it was at the Bleeding Cool, the comic book news website. It  was showing  how the sales of the two biggest comic book publishers fell dramatically in a few years. But then I wonder how it can be? With so many TV series, with so many movies circulating in theaters and TV, would these publishers or the owners of these famous franchises, forgot the roots of where all those products/caracters came, and are  now generating millions almost every month? The root of all this empire comes from years of work and dozens of people contributing to it. Whether it's writers or artists, it's all comic books.

People do not stop buying comics because of internet, video games and whatever that it is around this days. They stop buying it because its not fun anymore.You buy comics to scape from reallity for 30 or 20 minutes. Comic books, funny books, that´s what they are. It stops being fun when writer and artist start to bring their personal agenda or whatever problems to the pages. Oh, but:" hey don´t we have to portray the reality of the days we are living?"

   Yeah.you can do that. If you decide to do it as an author. Will Eisner had
the perfect name for somenthing that was not supposed to be funny books
or comic books." Graphic Novels".
  In there you can portray all all the mishaps of the present life that the
 terrestrial civilization is living. That is the perfet medium to that.

Either writers and artists stop bringing their personal problems to the comic pages. And put aside their  bloated egos of superstars and mega writers. And start working for a common good. Or else it will be the end of an era.

Now lets talk  about Ruby and the warriors of Dion. As you already know we are in issue # 3. In February we will be on Kickstarter. Be there for a very cool book full of adventure, battles and fun.


Ruby and the warriors of Dion #3 #Kickstarter

Ruby and the warriors of Dion #3 (Villains cover)
Ruby and the warriors of Dion is in its third edition. A heroic acomplishment if we take into account that we are a magazine totally independent and the genre of fantasy.   We do incorporate in our style what is produced in super heroes comic books, action, power, story telling, but we are about fantasy. My idea was to make a magazine that I would not only like to do, but being seriously critical of myself and sometimes to much of those who work with me.(I'm glad they understand my concerns.) Ruby and the warriors of Dion had to be a comic book that I would honestly buy. If it was made by other author. My influence comes from the arts and writers of the 90's and with the fantastic help of Marcel Dupree my editor, Guido Martinez my writer and the wonderful colors of Vittorio Astone, Ruby arrives in 2019 at its  3rd edition. Ruby was only part of an amorphous think. It materialized out of  the ether and out of my desire to continue to do what I love and turn this into reality. Ruby had become as real to me as any person who passes through the streets.  Ruby is my daughter. I feel responsible for all this characters. For me they do live. And I hope the experience of reading their stories is as exciting to you as it is for me to create them.

Ruby and the warriors of Dion #3 (Heroes cover)

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