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We are living days of blood, guts, pestilence and violence. False prophets are already among us, wolves in sheep's clothing, dominating the entire human race. A plague is spreading across the planet and humanity is returning to the Middle Ages. Would it be unwise to write a book that talks about this? A book that talks about violence, blood, guts, pestilence and false prophets?
We are just a few steps from the apocalypse, waiting for something that will save us, and the only thing that will save us will be justice. Justice obtained through the sword. Violence to combat violence, blood of villains to wash the blood of the just.  Order here: http://kck.st/2NtUHs5
Silvio Spotti and TOP SECRET PRESS bring you: SWORD OF JUSTICE.

A sketchbook full of pin ups, will be our strech goal.



Enter a future Earth ravaged by Climate Change. Man lives in ignorance and strife laboring for the 'Gods'. Benign and uncaring, these Space Gods use the human race as a slave race, producing the resources they need.

While most remain in ignorance, some ask the question - 'What Gods need food?' - Mankind needs a Sword of Justice!

Created and written by Silvio Spotti, this creator-owned book is being published by Top Secret Press. Interior colors are by Verónica R. López.

Please support the Kickstarter here:http://kck.st/2NtUHs5

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