Dragon Slayer- Azeviche — Author posts on wattpad and is criticized.

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People that follow this blog for some peculiar reason might be thinking. Here he comes again with this Dragon book. They ask me: " Why do you do it?  Why waste your time writing something that nobody will read?"Well. First of all. I do it because it was there, asking me all the time to get out of the ether of nonexistence to this reality. It was my task to remove it from the Akashic records and put it to paper.
 Back in 2018 I asked myself: " What if there was a Pollyanna Dragon Slayer kind of book. An Anne of Green Gables Dragon Slayer?"
I looked around and I couldn't find such a book. Them just out of kicks I decided to make the mock up of a cover and it was so cool that I fall in love for that idea. All of a sudden a cast of characters decided they wanted to live. And in 2018 I also decided that I wanted to live too. I won't bore people with the stupid facts of my personal life. No one is interested in this anyway.  Truth is. Azeviche is one of those things that would get me out of bed in the morning and put me to think what am I going to write. Because those characters, they write the book by themselves in to something that people call Psycography. I don't plan things in advance. I do have a plot in mind, but is the book that decides what to do. Books about orphans, they been done before many times. And books about dragons too. Why would I let this line of thinking stop me. I am this crazy and wrote about a country of orphans. A nation, a planet of broken people, living out of scraps left from a war against ancient beings that were here long before the humans. Continents torn apart by the Dragons commanded by a giant king Nefling. Taking place in a new geography in the same old planet and people looking after that most precious commodity of all. 
Why would I work on it late at night, when I should be resting and taking a nap I don't know. Is just something I have to do.

# Author posts on wattpad and is criticized.

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