Sword Of Justice Volume II

In a world of violence, war, terror and pestilence the only solution for it all is the Sword. Sword Of Justice. Join Brenna, Tanet and Muriel in this battle to save planet earth and restore it to it's formal glory. The campaign for Volume #2 is live on Kickstarter. Volume II is a sequel to issues 1,2,3 of volume #1 . You can read each and every book in an interdependent way. You will find issues 1,2,3 of Volume 1 for you that is new to this universe.

New battle, new villains and the favorite ones will be back in this 3 issues mini series. Story

and Art by Silvio Spotti and Colors by Veronica R. Lopez. Published by Top Secret Press

This book is all about action. 100% adventure and entertainment.

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Cover B, by Rafael Lanhelas e Alex Guimarães( Boom Studios Dune, DC Comics, Marvel).

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Here are the 3 sample color pages from issue#1 Volume II. art by Silvio Spotti and Veronica R. Lopez.
We have an action packed book with fantasy, scifi and horror that will please all of you.


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Silvio Spotti's Sword Of Justice Volume #2 (issue 2 and 3)

 "The Sword of Justice" Comic Book by Silvio Spotti 1. Title: The Sword of Justice 2. Creator: Silvio Spotti 3. Artist: Silvio Spo...