Ruby and the warriors of Dion #3

In 2019 we get to issue #3 of Ruby and the warriors of Dion.
Produced by Spotti entertainment and Published by Evoluzione Publishing thanks to Marcel Dupree.

In 2018 instead of waiting for agents to find me work. I decided to join people, writers and artists who could be writing or drawing for Publishers like Sergio Bonelli or Antartic Press or why not even Marvel and DC. After all ,we had artists coloring our covers that do jobs for Zenescope, Dynamite, Disney.
 For those who do not know me. I even did work for publishers like IDW, Avatar press, Boom studios, DC comics, Platinum studios, Disney and ... some designs for lunchboxes for Marvel. But the years go by, I'm tired  to introduce myself all the time, so I will let my work speaks for itself now. Ruby and the warriors of Dion  are already in its third edition, closing a lets say season 1 and this is just the beginning.We still have Harpies, And another 2 books funded on Kikstarter. Should we talk about the magazines I worked on that turned out to be TV series or movie? Hmm ... no. That sound so arrogant in the first place and it is not my intention. What I mean is.If I was able to work in books that had the great honor to became movies and games  I really wish that Ruby and the Warriors of Dion could turn out to be  animated in Japan or it would become a movie or a cool game. Why not? My imagination is great, after all I write comics. :)

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