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Silvio Spotti's Sword Of Justice Volume #2 (issue 3) (Kickstarter)

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It feels like just yesterday that the Sword of Justice, our first mini-series, launched with a resounding "Bang!" Now, after years of hard work, we are on the verge of completing the second mini-series (Kickstarter coming soon!).Click Here and get a warning when we go LIVE: CLICK HERE

Sword Of Justice, brought to you by Top Secret Press. Created by the talented Silvio Spotti and beautifully colored by Veronica Lopez, this captivating three-issue story arc chronicles the thrilling adventures of Brenna, Tanet, and Muriel as they valiantly battle the relentless hordes of enemies on a futuristic Earth. Thanks to the incredible support from backers like you, all six installments were successfully funded on Kickstarter. Once again, we embark on a campaign to bring you the remaining pages, fully penciled, inked, and lettered. We will need to fund issue #3 and do the colors.

Issue #2 of volume #2 is coming from the print shop and soon will be at your door step as always Top Secret Press do.

Writer/Artist: Silvio Spotti.

Colorist: Veronica Lopez.

Publisher: top Secret Press.


Silvio Spotti's Sword Of Justice Volume #2 (issue 2 and 3)

 "The Sword of Justice" Comic Book by Silvio Spotti

1. Title: The Sword of Justice

2. Creator: Silvio Spotti

3. Artist: Silvio Spotti

4. Colorist: Veronica R. Lopez  

5. Publisher: Top Secret Press

6. Genre: Action, Fantasy

7. Overview:

"The Sword of Justice" is an exhilarating comic book series written and illustrated by the talented artist, Silvio Spotti, with captivating colors by Veronica R. Lopez. Published by Top Secret Press, this thrilling series transports readers to a world where one young heroine battles against the tyranny of her scientist father, who controls a lunar colony known as New Atlantis. Guided by her companions, the mage Muriel and the warrior Tanet, our protagonist Brenna embarks on a dangerous quest to overthrow her father's oppressive regime and bring justice to her people.

We are preparing the campaign for issue #3 and issue #2 is printing right now and soon will be at your door step.


The Misunderstood Artistry of Image Generators: Debunking Misconceptions

 Image generators have emerged as powerful tools capable of creating stunning visuals with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). However, despite their potential to enhance creativity and streamline the artistic process, image generators have been subject to unwarranted criticism from those who lack a comprehensive understanding of their inner workings. This essay aims to debunk the misconceptions surrounding image generators, highlighting their benefits and addressing the concerns raised by skeptics.

The Power of AI in Image Generation:
Image generators utilize sophisticated AI algorithms to produce artwork that ranges from realistic portraits to abstract compositions. By analyzing vast datasets of images and learning patterns and styles, these algorithms can generate unique visuals based on the input provided by users. This technology empowers artists and creators by serving as a collaborator, expanding their creative possibilities and reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks.

Understanding the Role of Image Generators:
One prevalent misconception about image generators is the belief that they steal art from other artists. However, this assumption is unfounded. Image generators operate based on the data they have been trained on and do not have the ability to actively seek out or replicate specific works of art. Their purpose is to assist and inspire artists, not to replace them.

Promoting Originality and Creativity:
Artists who utilize image generators do so as a starting point or a source of inspiration. These tools help them explore new artistic directions, experiment with styles, and overcome creative blocks. Image generators can generate initial sketches or compositions that artists can then modify, refine, and transform into unique and original pieces. Far from stifling creativity, these tools encourage it by sparking ideas and pushing boundaries.

The Importance of Proper Attribution:
One legitimate concern raised by critics is the need for proper attribution when using images generated by AI. While image generators create new visuals, it is crucial to acknowledge the original source of the training data. Responsible artists understand the significance of crediting the dataset creators and ensuring transparency in their creative process. By doing so, they contribute to fostering a collaborative and respectful environment within the artistic community.

Addressing the Skepticism:
The resistance against image generators often stems from a lack of knowledge and understanding of how they function. Instead of dismissing this technology outright, it is essential to engage in constructive dialogue and educate ourselves about the benefits it offers. By gaining insights into the technical aspects and the ethical considerations surrounding image generation, we can form well-informed opinions and embrace the potential it holds.

Image generators, powered by AI, have revolutionized the creative landscape, providing artists with new tools and possibilities. It is crucial to dispel the misconceptions and prejudices surrounding this technology and approach it with an open mind. Rather than fearing the supposed theft of art, we should appreciate the opportunities image generators present for collaboration, exploration, and inspiration. By embracing these tools responsibly and respecting the creative process, we can pave the way for a harmonious coexistence between AI and human artists, enriching the world of art in the process.

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#DigitalRevolution #ArtCommunity #ArtisticExpression


AI and the future of Comic Book industry.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made remarkable advancements in recent years, particularly in the field of image generation. AI image generators use complex algorithms to create images that can resemble those produced by human artists, and this technology is rapidly evolving. As we continue to improve our ability to create images using AI, the possibilities for its application in various fields, including comic book art, are becoming increasingly exciting.

(Shift Click to enlarge Images)
AI image generators have several advantages over traditional methods of creating art. They can produce high-quality images quickly, and they can generate vast quantities of images with ease. This efficiency can save time and resources for artists, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their work, such as storytelling and character development. Additionally, AI can create images that are more precise and accurate than those created by human artists. This level of detail can be especially useful in creating realistic backgrounds, landscapes, and other elements that require a high level of accuracy.

In the field of comic book art, AI image generators offer a range of possibilities for both established and up-and-coming artists. For example, AI can assist artists in creating complex background elements, such as cities and landscapes, which can be time-consuming to produce by hand. By using AI to generate these elements, artists can save time and energy, allowing them to focus on the more creative aspects of their work.

Another exciting possibility for AI in comic book art is the creation of new characters and designs. AI can generate countless variations of character designs, providing artists with a wealth of inspiration and ideas. This technology can also help artists create unique and memorable characters that stand out from those created by other artists. AI can also assist in creating dynamic poses and action sequences, allowing for more exciting and engaging storytelling.

The use of AI in comic book art is not without its challenges, however. One potential issue is the lack of creativity and individuality in AI-generated images. While AI can create highly detailed and accurate images, it may lack the unique style and perspective that human artists bring to their work. This is particularly true in the case of comic book art, where the artist's style and individuality are a crucial part of the medium.

Another challenge is the potential loss of jobs for traditional artists as AI becomes more prevalent in the industry. While AI can save time and resources for artists, it may also lead to fewer opportunities for human artists to create work. This issue will need to be carefully considered as the technology continues to evolve.



AI Image generators and the 80's generation

Imagine, just relax for a nano second and have fun. Your eyes are getting heavy and you are a kid from the 80s or 90s with the superpower to generate images like this. They are somehow imperfect, six, nine-fingered characters, and you don't care because the images are so vivid. It's so cool to have the power to generate images of anime girls and you have it right now. You can evoke any of those images in 15 seconds. They are colorful and so fun to see, but now back from the hypnosis, it's 2023, and you are a grumpy old man living in a dystopian world, a prison for your mind. You can't have fun with anything and won't hesitate to pass judgment on one and all. When was it that the world became a place full of people with resentments and in needof Carl Jung's treatment?   Why can't we just have our nano seconds of fun? We have so many important things to worry about and be concerned about, and we just let it slide. People are killing that inner child. Why can't we laugh off anime characters with 3 legs and enjoy them because they are giants on top of a building? At some point, I am that young man from the 80s, I sit and relax, looking at those deformed, unedited images. They are so colorful in a way that I could not imagine. I forget all my troubles, and it makes me happy, and that's all that really matters.

The ability to generate anime-style images in just seconds using AI is truly mind-blowing, especiallyfor those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s watching anime. Back then we would have to spend hours or even days creating our own anime-style artwork by hand, and it would never be as precise or accurate as what we can generate with AI today.
With AI, we can take our love for anime and Cyberpunk and create unique and exciting works of art in just a matter of seconds. And while some may argue that AI-generated art lacks the personal touch and emotion of handmade art, it's important to remember that AI-generated art is a new form of artistic expression that should be celebrated for its own unique qualities.

Moreover, this new tool has the potential to inspire a whole new generation of artists and creators who may not have had the time or resources to create anime-style artwork by hand. With the help of AI, anyone can create amazing works of art that they can be proud of.

In conclusion, this new AI tool is truly mind-blowing for those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s watching anime. It allows us to create amazing works of art in just seconds, and it has the potential to inspire a whole new generation of artists and creators. So let's embrace this new technology and see where it takes us on our creative journey.

Generating images using AI has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it's not uncommon to see AI-generated images being used for various purposes, including in blog posts, social media, and other forms of digital media. However, some people might wonder if using AI to generate images is ethical, particularly when it comes to creating art.

Firstly, it's important to understand that AI-generated images are not stealing art. The AI is trained on large datasets of existing images, and it uses this knowledge to generate new images that are similar in style and content to the original dataset. While the AI-generated images may resemble existing art, they are not exact copies and do not reproduce the same level of skill and creativity as the original artist.

In fact, using AI to generate images can be a fun and exciting way to explore new artistic styles and techniques. It can allow individuals to experiment with different styles and create unique works of art that they may not have been able to create otherwise. It's important to remember that art is not about ownership or originality but rather about self-expression and creativity.

Moreover, the use of AI in art can also help bridge the gap between generations. The 80s and 90s were a unique time in popular culture, and many people from that era have a special attachment to the art and media of that time. By using AI to create Cyberpunk-style anime images, we can blend old and new styles in a way that appeals to both younger and older generations. It's a way to connect with the past while still embracing new technologies and techniques.

In conclusion, using AI to generate images is not stealing art, but rather a new form of creative expression. It allows us to experiment with new styles and techniques while still paying homage to the art of the past. So, let's have fun with this tool and create something unique and exciting that celebrates both our past and our future.

I want to tell people that this new tool is mind blowing for people that grew in the 80s and 90s watching anime. after all all that imagery no matter if somehow distorted was generated in 15 seconds.
Absolutely! The ability to generate anime-style images in just seconds using AI is truly mind-blowing, especially for those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s watching anime. Back then, we would have to spend hours or even days creating our own anime-style artwork by hand, and it would never be as precise or accurate as what we can generate with AI today.

With AI, we can take our love for anime and Cyberpunk and create unique and exciting works of art in just a matter of seconds. And while some may argue that AI-generated art lacks the personal touch and emotion of handmade art, it's important to remember that AI-generated art is a new form of artistic expression that should be celebrated for its own unique qualities.

Moreover, this new tool has the potential to inspire a whole new generation of artists and creators who may not have had the time or resources to create anime-style artwork by hand. With the help of AI, anyone can create amazing works of art that they can be proud of.

In conclusion, this new AI tool is truly mind-blowing for those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s watching anime. It allows us to create amazing works of art in just seconds, and it has the potential to inspire a whole new generation of artists and creators. So let's embrace this new technology and see where it takes us on our creative journey.



AI. Is it art or not?


I don't know what you guys do in your spare time as a hobby. I have entertained myself with these images. Several years ago, I used to buy heavy metal magazine, Cimoc and others in this genre, to see fantasy illustrations. People bought magazines to see these images. Now, we have amazing resources, and some people take them for granted. Some write to me, calling me names on Deviantart. Maybe they want me to use charcoal or animal blood on a cave wall, them take a picture with a Kodak. 
All prompts on this by Silvio Spotti

AI-generated images are digital images that are created using artificial intelligence techniques, typically involving the use of deep learning algorithms. These images can be generated in a number of ways, such as by training a neural network on a dataset of images and then having it create new images based on that training.

While an AI algorithm is responsible for creating the image itself, a person is still needed to generate the image art. This is because the AI algorithm needs to be trained on a dataset of existing images before it can generate new ones. Additionally, a person is needed to provide input to the algorithm, such as specifying the style or subject matter of the image. Whether or not an AI-generated image is considered art is a subject of ongoing debate. Some argue that because the image is created by an algorithm rather than a human artist, it cannot truly be considered art. Others argue that the process of training the algorithm and providing input to it is a creative act in itself, and that the resulting images are just as valid as those created by human artists. Ultimately, the answer to this question may depend on one's definition of art and the role of human creativity in its production.


Dragon Slayer (Azeviche)


In a world of desolation, where life struggles to survive, there exists a tale of power, sacrifice, and destiny."The story of Azeviche, an orphan girl, who was taken in and trained to become the ultimate weapon against the Draconites, a terrible race of creatures that had unleashed their dragons on humanity in a war known as the 100 Days War.
Azeviche, her name and her fate, was chosen to lead the final battle, to end the war, and save humanity from extinction. But as she delves deeper into the conflict, she begins to question the purpose of it all. Will the ultimate victory be worth the cost? Will it bring peace or just a new form of oppression?
As Azeviche faces her destiny, she must also confront her own humanity, her own morality, and the true meaning of sacrifice. Will she become a savior or a monster? Will she be remembered as a hero or a villain?
"Dragon Slayer Azeviche" is a novel of epic proportions, where the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. It is a story of power, of sacrifice, and of the human spirit. In a world of dragons, war, and desolation, it is a tale that explores the human condition and the cost of survival.
Do not miss out on this gripping novel, now available on Wattpad. Follow Azeviche's journey as she fights to save humanity, but also to save herself. It is a story that will stay with you long after you have finished reading it, a story that will make you question the nature of power, sacrifice, and what it means to be human.
#fantasybookseries #fantasy #fantasyworld #scifi #scifiart #novel #books #bookslover
Chapter 1 -
  Jet  Black
Behind the mountains, a black smoke was announcing that the express train was near Muddy Peak's station. One of the last and most important connections to the Main Islands, since this world was torn apart in a one hundred day battle against the Dragons and their masters, the Draconites. There at the platform, shaking like a leaf in the wind, Marcus Abbe, an ex-member of the militia, was waiting for this train to make a special delivery.
"The train is here! The train is here!" Jonas Greenberg was shouting.
"Everybody can see that!" Marcus told Jonas, frowning at him.
"Everybody behind the yellow line. You too, Marcus, please," Jonas Greenberg, the Inspector of the station, screamed, twisting his whiskers and fixing his jacket. The oldest employee of the railroad should no longer be working due to his age, but it is he who maintains order in this place. "Newcomers arrive from time to time to work at the station, but they don't have the same discipline," Jonas said to Marcus.
Standing on the platform, looking at the mountains and listening to the roar of the train, Marcus Abbe could barely contain himself.
"What a wonderful day, Mr. Jonas." Marcus said.
He and his wife, Ronna, had received mail from the government informing them that their application for adoption had finally been accepted. Jonas looked at Marcus with a longing smile. He knew him since he was a little boy.
"Well, well. Don't tell me, Mr. Abbe. Is that what I'm thinking?" He asked.
"Yes, Mr. Jonas. It seems that our dream is about to be fulfilled. I'm so anxious that I can barely contain myself."
"Ha!!! Yes... yes, Mr. Abbe," Greenberg scoffed. "This village needs fresh blood running through its veins. After all, we are all getting a little tiny bit...old, aren't we?" Said Jonas, pointing his long fingers toward Marcus.
Marcus ran his fingers through his grey hair, embarrassed.
"You got me there. We are close to retirement," he laughed.
The roar of the engine and the noise on the rails got louder and louder. As the train got into the station, the conductor hit the brakes. A moan and shrill scream could be heard, it took a while to stop the gigantic machine. The entire place got flooded with steam, clouding the vision.
Shadowy figures were moving out of the freight cars. Anxious people searching for their relatives, disembarking, looking everywhere, amazed with their final location.
"Is this the place? What a dump!" a boy asked his mother in a loud voice.
"Shut your mouth. Show some respect to the locals. You will live here now, boy," the woman in uniform dragged the boy by his hand.
"Sorry," the boy shrugged.
Marcus looked at the nasty boy, amazed and relieved that he was not the one he was expecting.
"Mr. Jonas, sir. Today we will have a young boy living in our house. Ronna is preparing a wonderful dinner; of course, this is a special occasion for us," he smiled. Jonah rolled his eyes at him.
"God give me patience," Jonah thought. New people coming to town every day was nothing new to Jonah.
"Of course... of course, Mr. Abbe, and I, more than anyone else, know about your wife's anxiety for this occasion," Jonas replied to Marcus while playing with his long white whiskers. The train finally came to a halt at the platform and the brakes stopped the huge mass of metal on the tracks.
"Mr. Abbe, where's your sign with the name?" Jonas asked, touching Marcus on his shoulder.
"How can you find the boy without a sign?" Jonas was agitating his hand in the air.
"Well, in fact, I don't have one yet," Marcus replied.
"Marcus... Good lord, Marcus," he smiled. "Always the same, since you were a little boy, aren't you? Always forgetting about things," Jonas stared at him.
"In fact, we don't know the name of the kid," Marcus blushed and his lips curved in an awkward smile.
"My God, Marcus." Jonas rolled his eyes. "I have the list here in my clipboard and—," he said, "Azeviche. A strange name for a boy. Do you still think I should retire Marcus?" He laughed, looking at him with narrow eyes.
"In fact, this place needs somebody to keep things working. I keep the mansion running," he cackled, moving back to his work.
"Yeah... I guess!" Said Marcus.
The train started moving again on the tracks, leaving the station. Most of the people on the platform had already left. Some of them were very happy, carrying packages and smiling, while others hugged their relatives with tears streaming down their eyes. Curmudgeon people, not really glad to be there at all, were mingling in the crowd. The steam started to subside and the train left Muddy Peaks behind. Marcus was looking around for his boy.
"Where could he be? Everybody had already left the train," he felt desperate. A woman carrying a suitcase tapped Marcus on the back.
"There sir," she said. "Standing down the platform. There is somebody waiting," she pointed to a figure waiting in the distance.
"Thank you very much, lady," Marcus thanked her. "There... there he is. My boy," he ran to the person standing there.
"Uh... Sir, no I mean..." the lady tried to talk to him, but it was too late. Marcus was running, he could not wait to give a warm welcome to the new member of the Abbe family.
"Finally," he said, running, snorting and punching, trying to catch his breath.
But there, looking at Marcus with large bright green eyes, was a smile bigger than the used suitcase sitting on the floor. She had long black hair running down her shoulders, jet black like a night without stars. She was wearing a white outfit and worn-out brown boots.
"A girl?" Marcus looked at her with startled eyes. "But... but what's going on here? Where is the boy?" Marcus asked her.
"Where is he?" He said, pointing his hand at the girl.
"My name is Azeviche Jet, and if you are Mr. Marcus Abbe, I am your new daughter, sir," she stared back at him, smiling and pointing a finger to a small placard written: "Abbe."
Marcus looked at Azeviche, head to toe. He had sweat dripping down his forehead. It was unbelievable that after all this time, trying to adopt a child, the government made this terrible mistake and sent the wrong person.
"They never said anything about a boy, if I'm correct," Marcus said to himself out loud, ignoring the girl. 
"His hand lay under his chin as if he had a huge weight on his head to be supported. He spun on his heels, still in shock.
'The government rarely makes mistakes,' Marcus thought. 'Not since the war. Since it all began, thousands of people died defending a country that no longer exists. Orphan children got relocated to new foster homes, with new parents, to work in the mines extracting metal for weapons and vehicles, to work the fields, so that the very existence of the colonies was not compromised. Whoever comes to Muddy Peaks is not only a resident of an inhospitable place, they are responsible for the maintenance. They are here to hold ground and prevent a new 'Draconite' invasion. The terrible civilization that reduced the earth's population by half. They came from the lands of the south to destroy humanity.' Marcus stood there thinking. Azeviche was disgusted with his rude attitude. Her face flushed with anger. She turned to him and screamed at the top of her lungs, trying to get his attention.
'Hey!!! This is no way to treat a lady. Don't think you're going to leave me here in the open with my heavy suitcase,' she said in a very serious tone. She reached for a document with the official seal in hot wax and the coat of arms of the State of the Northern Islands. Her little hands moved quickly inside her pocket.
'The government seal,' Marcus said. This was no mistake at all.
'Don't take me for a fool, sir. I may be an orphan, but I know my rights. I know we are not sent to this end of the world,' she stuttered. 'This... this God-forsaken place, for a walk.' She was very annoyed and was yelling at him. Astonished by the frightful scream of the little banshee, Marcus finally seemed to shake himself out of the trance. The apparently fragile and short little girl of twelve years old was very resolute in her attitude. She stared at Marcus with eyes gleaming, as if about to burst into tears. She shook the paper in the air in her clenched fist. Her head spinning in a whirlwind, a storm of thoughts and emotions.
She went through a long, twenty-five-day trip to get to this place. At the farthest point in the country, at the frontier of what was left of the civilization of yore, with the unknown world of the destroyers of mankind. She's had enough for today.
'Here! Here!!!... You,... you!' She was still shaking the paper in the air. 'Take it and read it out loud. You won't leave here until you do it, sir,' she demanded. Poor man. Marcus never expected to come across such a determined soul in his life. The apparent fragile little girl was a brave soul, determined to find a new home.
Azeviche reminded him of his colleagues in the army. An epoch of battles in the Hundred Days War. 'Sagacious eye, strong in spirit,' he looked at her. 'No, there was no mistake here.' Marcus said.
Now, looking into Azeviche's eyes, he realized that the poor creature had already been through all kinds of difficult situations. He could tell by that glow in her eyes, he used to see that in the mirror years ago. She is not the first orphan to arrive in Muddy Peaks. No, far from it. They come here by the hundreds, and the number of children has increased in the last year. These borders need reinforcement, they must be always vigilant. The orphans, all survivors of the catastrophe known as The Hundred Days War, share the same
   He took the sealed document from her hands, broke the wax seal trying  not to ruin the paper. All that excitement and anxiety made his hand shake. Marcus was sweating copiously, he was embarrassed by his attitude towards the girl. In a raspy voice he began to read the text out loud:
"The State of the Northern Islands hereby bestows legal guardianship of the minor, Azeviche Jet (12 years old at the present time), upon Mr. Marcus Abbe and his wife, Mrs. Ronna Abbe. We appreciate your desire to serve the state and your commitment to putting work, family, and country first.
The State of the Northern Islands, Year 35 AD"
"Thirty-five years after the first Draconite attack, the worst weapon humanity has ever faced, the devastation and the impact on the lives of all people continue. Dismantled families live under the rule of one state. The nations, as we knew them, have been gone for a long time. It had to be done this way in order to survive all this tragedy.
A cyclone of memories and emotions passed through Marcus's head in a flashback of epic proportions, causing him to finally realize.
'Things are the way they are meant to be. We just need to accept with a good heart what faith gives to us,' he gently folded the document and put it inside the pocket of his jacket.
'This is it,' he said with an unexpected gesture. He put his hand on her head in a clumsy sign of affection. Marcus would have to learn very fast how to deal with children. His throat was dry, his hands shaking.
'Yes,' he gasped. 'Azeviche Jet... young lady. It looks like I am in fact your new father!!!'
Azeviche chewed her lower lip and tears were streaming down her rosy cheeks. Her hands were together, fingers interlaced as if in a last desperate prayer. Her mouth was ajar, her lips trembling. She only had time to say:
'God... I'm so tired. I feel so tired...' Unable to finish, she fainted. Marcus quickly held her, breaking her fall."
Here you are, little village of Muddy Peaks,
Stuck amidst the rocks of the mountains
That point its fingers to the sky.
Your red vegetation of permanent autumn,
Near the frontier of humanity and total bleakness,
Your rigid branches like spikes.
Let me pass my thick fingers, benumbed
By the fight. Through the hair of your desolation.
They will make me feel alive.
In your freezing dark rivers. My body wants to dive,
I will run, I will fight and I will cry.
If you work the dusty red soil,
the sustenance will arrive.       
( Oluf the Dragon slayer )

Silvio Spotti Interview with Comic Book Corner

Comic Book Corner

Thanks for  this interview!  You have had a long and successful career in the comic book industry, both as an artist and a writer. You have worked on a wide range of projects for different publishers, including Disney comics, "Stargate" comics, and even "Sesame Street" comics. You have also been recognized for your inking work, winning the Ângelo Agostini award in 2003. Can you tell us a little more about your creative process and how you approach working on a new project?


"Each and every new book is always a baby to me. I have the tendency to put everything I have into it, including the things I like and my vision of the world. As for the writing, I use the Marvel method. I develop a plot, which will evolve into a page, and then I do the lettering myself, at least for the books that I write and draw myself.

Comic Book Corner.

It sounds like you are very passionate about your work and take a hands-on approach to each project. The Marvel method of developing a plot and then turning it into a page before adding lettering is a popular method used by many comic book writers and artists. It allows you to focus on the visual storytelling aspect of the comic while also giving you the flexibility to make changes to the script as you go along. How do you balance your responsibilities as both a writer and an artist on a project? Do you have a preferred role or do you enjoy the challenge of wearing both hats?


"When I started back in the 90's, the struggle was to try to make art and break into the comics field. That was the very beginning of the 90's and working for Marvel or DC from Brazil, was somehow a delusion."

Comic Book Corner.

I see. It can definitely be challenging to break into the comic book industry and make a name for yourself as an artist or writer. It sounds like you were able to persevere and eventually achieve your goals. Do you have any specific techniques or approaches that you use to balance your responsibilities as both a writer and artist on a project? It can be tough to juggle both roles, but it can also be very rewarding to see a project through from start to finish with your own vision and voice.


"Sorry, I forgot to answer that. The only way for me to balance writing and art is to let the characters speak for themselves. Sounds weird, but characters acquire a voice as you write them and in a good story, they tell you where they want to go. It's up to the author to decide if they will win this argument."

Comic Book Corner.

Ah, I see what you mean. It sounds like you let the characters guide the direction of the story and make decisions about where the plot should go. This can be a very organic and natural way to approach storytelling, and can help to create more believable and dynamic characters. Do you have any other tips or insights that you could share about your creative process or working in the comic book industry?


"In terms of art, the sky is the limit. You can create art that is 100% digital without paper, or work in a traditional way. As for writing, please do read as much as you can - books, comic books, etc. We are living in an era where we have the resources, but some people won't use them. It's never been so easy to find a book for free or to buy one."

Comic Book Corner.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on art and writing. It's definitely true that there are many different ways to create art for comic books, from traditional media to digital techniques. And reading is certainly a great way to improve your skills as a writer. It's important to expose yourself to a wide range of styles and genres in order to develop your own voice and perspective. Do you have any favorite comic book writers or artists who have influenced your work or inspired you in your career?


Alan Moore, Roy Thomas, John Byrne, John and Sal Buscema,Frank Miller and Jim lee to name a fell. It seen obvius but they are good in what they do. Pay attention to them.

Comic Book Corner.

Alan Moore, John Byrne, Frank Miller, and Jim Lee are all highly influential and respected figures in the comic book industry. Their work has inspired many other writers and artists and their contributions have had a lasting impact on the medium. It's always a good idea to study the work of other creators and see what techniques and approaches they use to tell their stories. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Silvio!  If you want to add anything else, now is the time. 


Let me take this moment to thank Top Secret Press, for the huge respect that they treat  me and my work. They are awesome.

Comic Book Corner.

I'm glad to hear that you have a good relationship with your publisher, Top Secret Press. It's important for creators to have a supportive team behind them and a publisher who values their work. I hope your collaboration with Top Secret Press continues to be successful and rewarding. we like Sword Of Justice. Do you have any upcoming projects or events that you'd like to tell us about?


There are aways upcoming projects in my mind and I will let you all know in our next interview. How about that? It's been a pleasure.

Comic Book Corner.

Sounds good! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your future projects. It's been a pleasure speaking with you, Silvio. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and share your insights with us. Take care!


Thank you.

Sword Of Justice: An Epic Tale of Rebellion and Redemption in Space.

"In a world ravaged by war and environmental disaster, humanity's last hope lies in the colonization of the moon. But as the years pass, the tyrannical Dr. Brent uses every resource at his disposal to maintain the New Atlantis his colony, enslaving those behind left on Earth. Enter Brenna, a veteran of the 100 Days War and daughter of the dictator, leading a determined rebellion to free her home planet from the clutches of oppression. Alongside the barbarian Tanet and the sorcerer Prince Muriel, Brenna fights to bring down the regimes of the so-called kings and dictators who rule with an iron fist.

Written and illustrated by veteran comic creator Silvio Spotti, known for his work on titles such as Winonna Earp, Stargate, Green Lantern, Teen Titans, Scooby Doo, and Cowboys & Aliens, and featuring colors by Veronica R. Lopez, this epic tale of rebellion and redemption is a must-read for fans of science fiction and action-packed comics.

Published by Top Secret Press, don't miss out on this thrilling journey through the depths of space and the human soul.

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