AI. Is it art or not?


I don't know what you guys do in your spare time as a hobby. I have entertained myself with these images. Several years ago, I used to buy heavy metal magazine, Cimoc and others in this genre, to see fantasy illustrations. People bought magazines to see these images. Now, we have amazing resources, and some people take them for granted. Some write to me, calling me names on Deviantart. Maybe they want me to use charcoal or animal blood on a cave wall, them take a picture with a Kodak. 
All prompts on this by Silvio Spotti

AI-generated images are digital images that are created using artificial intelligence techniques, typically involving the use of deep learning algorithms. These images can be generated in a number of ways, such as by training a neural network on a dataset of images and then having it create new images based on that training.

While an AI algorithm is responsible for creating the image itself, a person is still needed to generate the image art. This is because the AI algorithm needs to be trained on a dataset of existing images before it can generate new ones. Additionally, a person is needed to provide input to the algorithm, such as specifying the style or subject matter of the image. Whether or not an AI-generated image is considered art is a subject of ongoing debate. Some argue that because the image is created by an algorithm rather than a human artist, it cannot truly be considered art. Others argue that the process of training the algorithm and providing input to it is a creative act in itself, and that the resulting images are just as valid as those created by human artists. Ultimately, the answer to this question may depend on one's definition of art and the role of human creativity in its production.

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