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Looks like people are looking for new titles to read in the comic book universe. And here is a good one. Written: by Andrew Shayde (Amazing Race), Art  by: Levy Zimer and Silvio Spotti. Color by: Flávio Silva.


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Writer; Andrew Shayde
Penciller: Levy Zimer
Inker: Silvio Spotti
Colors: Flávio Silva.

The Monsters have escaped Solomon Kane’s prison but he has planned one step ahead. Kane has taken the one thing most valuable to Bigfoot, his family. A battle in a cave leads to the monster’s first casualty which only fuels Zaya’s fire and sends the team running right back in the direction from which they came, toward Kane.


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Lançamento Monsters Among us #3

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Aí está a revista Monsters among us. Hoje será lançada a edição número #3 em inglês nos USA.
A Número #1, já lançada pela Cuult na França.
Roteiro: Andrew Shayde ( Amazing Race )
Caracter design: Silvio Spotti
Arte Levy Zimer e Silvio Spotti.
Cores : Flávio Silva.

Aqui está o lançamento da número #3  de Monsters among us, segundo o site Comic Book resources.
Pelo que entendo, hoje em dia está mais difícil  para uma revista que não é da Marvel ou DC ser agraciada com um preview pelo conhecido site de notícias "Comic Book resources, no entanto eles parece que acharam que a revista fez por merecer.

 Monsters among us magazine. Today will be released the edition number # 3 in English in the USA.
The number # 1,  Is already launched by Cuult in France.
Story/script: Andrew Shayde ( Amazing race )
Character design: Silvio Spotti
Art: Levy Zimer and Silvio Spotti.
Color: Flávio Silva.

Here is the release number # 3 Monsters among us, according to the site Comic Book resources.
From what I understand today is more difficult for a magazine, comic book, that is not Marvel or DC connected, to be honored with a preview at the popular news site "Comic Book resources", However it seems that the magazine has earned  the preview.

In Monsters Among Us urban legends are very real. Billionaire Solomon Kane believes God has charged his family to rid of the world of mythical creatures. A mysterious crew comprised of gentle beasts including Bigfoot, a Chupacabra, and the Mothman must unite and fight to survive.

Preview Monster´s among us #3 Comic book resources.

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